God bless Tom DeLonge

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Song Of The Day: #41 (April 7 2012)

Defeater - At Peace


You’ve got to find her.
Your mother ain’t fit to be alone.
Her rosary beads are gone, there’s only one place she’d be.
The sun is nearly up, put your jacket back on and walk down the street.
Feel the wind start to shift, cold and biting.
Just like everything that’s changed.
When you do find her, take the only family that you’ve got back to home.

Head down, walk through the crowds and the families downtown.
You jealous bitter old man, it’s just yourself you can’t stand.
The man that took away your wife, coward that left you behind,
you would kill them both if you could.
Head down, cigarette in hand.
Concrete, cold brick and sand to the place where she prays,
where she suffers her days.
Sleepless nights with the dirt when the addiction hurts.
Up to that old white oak door church.
And that’s where you find her in that last pew.

You touch her cold hand, your mother is gone.
In front of her God, needle in her arm.
The family plot will be filled.
The perfect ending to a tragedy.
Put her in the cold wet ground.
Finally at peace with her husband now.
And you’ve lost all will.
Hours strain, but months pass alone with your gun.
Blue-collar shipyard, your days have gone.

Lost it all for the promise of a normal life.
All taken from you when you lost your wife.
So you sit in that chair, waiting for death, barrel to your head.

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literally the most important show you’ll ever watch

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sext: you look like the universe decided that it was tired of being so immense so it compressed all of its beauty and complexity and wonder into a smaller form so it could make everyone around it feel like they were a part of the stars

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"And if you are awake at four AM, you are either in love or lonely, and I don’t know which one is worse."

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Your cup is still on the window sill.
I’ll bring myself to move it soon,
But until I do, I’ll get lost in thoughts of you.

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